Current Works

Just a quick update about what I’m working on. Links to available works will be found here! Here’s hoping there’s plenty more to come.

Remember We Die

A man known only as ‘Hades’ is an infamous and elusive mob boss. His world is under his strict control, there are no messy entanglements, and he longs to take over his brother’s domain. One look from an innocent young woman turns his world upside down, consuming his thoughts completely. But will she be able to accept his world? Or will she be another loose end that his enemies might just choose to take advantage of?

Rotting In Vein

The zombie apocalypse, but not the way you think. And either you won’t turn, or it’s inevitable that you will. Weird, right? Either way, you better hope your buddy is packing the right stuff to keep you from turning or can keep you from rising.

Hair Ties & Handcuffs

A short story collection done with my amazing best friends (who might as well be my twins)! Dark, depraved, and sinful. Best way to describe us and the stories we long to share. Plenty of spicy law enforcement stories with some erotic supernatural and slice of life stories sprinkled in. So hold on tight and lock your doors. It’s coming at you soon.

TBA YA novel

This is a fantasy-based novel, but I never can keep to specific tropes or genres. I hope that this might be a tiny step towards normalizing certain things, and maybe help others understand some things about themselves. No, this is not a good summary but I don’t want to give too much away until I’m done!

Whiskey Dreams

This is my NaNoWriMo project for 2021. Twin demon and Daedra hunting sisters have found themselves in a predicament. Horror/supernatural romance, with quite a few of my favorite tropes thrown in. Hopefully yours as well.

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